Quick Hits: Free YouTube originals; live video outlook; Harry Styles fans take the charts

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

YouTube to make original shows for free viewing: YouTube is embarking on a plan to create more original content. Instead of the exclusives it airs on the subscription-only YouTube Red, these new shows will be available for free. Comedians Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres are the first two celebrities who have agreed to work on ad-supported shows for the video platform.

PIAS manager talks live video potential: Charlie Biles, digital marketing manager for PIAS, gave an interview to Midem’s blog sharing his views on live video. “There are a few hot topics in the tech world that will have some influence for the music industry, but for me the most prominent is the livestreaming area,” he said. “This could potentially open up another revenue stream for the industry, and provide high quality but affordable options for live streams.”

Harry Styles fans try gaming the charts: Gone are the days where fans will rush to the record store to pick up their favorite performer’s latest on launch day. The modern version of that activity is being undertaken by the fanbase for pop star Harry Styles. A Tumblr titles Harry Styles Promo Team is encouraging his supporters to use a VPN in order to change the country tied to their computer’s IP address and stream his new solo single in order to boost the U.S. stream counts for a better charting performance. That certainly merits an A+ for creativity.

Anna Washenko