Quick Hits: Emotional music; Kim Dotcom raising money Down Under; Pandora’s new digs

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Spotify taps scientist to explain music’s emotional triggers: In a recent news post, Spotify asked Jacob Jolij, a cognitive psychology and neuroscience professor at the University of Groningen, to explain how music triggers particular emotional responses in listeners. Check out their playlist of songs that evoke feelings from optimism to nostalgia and why they work. (Spotify)

Kim Dotcom seeking funding for Baboom in Australia: Internet mogul Kim Dotcom is looking to raise AUS$4.5 million ($4.212 million) to support a new online music streaming service. Baboom lays out a unique business model that gives members credits for viewing targeted ads, so artists still get paid and listeners get free downloads. (Billboard)

Pandora’s new NYC headquarters finished: Pandora Media has a new East Coast headquarters, courtesy of B.R. Fries & Associates. As befitting a music business, the two-floor, 50,000 square-foot space office has live music performance spaces and extensive A/V systems built in. (Real Estate Weekly)

Anna Washenko