Quick Hits: CD Baby gets Loudr; Bop.fm songs play on Facebook; the Tidal wave ebbs?

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Loudr officially teams with CD Baby: We covered the launch of Loudr Licensing back in March, when the company first entered the niche of business services targeting independent musicians. At launch, it touted the ability to serve as a standalone service for indies working with other distribution services. Today, though, Loudr has entered into a partnership with CD Baby to offer mechanical licensing issues for any cover songs distributed by its members.

Bop.fm tracks embeddable in Facebook posts: Platform agnostic streaming service Bop.fm announced in a press release that its users can embed full tracks in Facebook updates. The songs can now be streamed directly in the news feed. Considering that Bop.fm pulls from sources such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube that can already be played within the social network, it’s not much of a surprise, but still a handy API trick for the app.

Tidal iOS downloads plummet:¬†Following Jay-Z’s buyout, Tidal has been having a tough time getting positive press. The latest bad news is that it has already dropped out of the top 750 apps on the App Store download charts. It currently sits at No. 45 for music programs on iOS. While that isn’t necessarily a death knell for the service, it’s a tough tumble to take so soon after the big relaunch.

Anna Washenko