Quick Hits: An all-digital transmitter; Variety on YouTube; Adweek on streaming

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Introducing the first all-digital radio transmitter: Cambridge Consultants announced that it has developed the world’s first all-digital radio transmitter. Dubbed Pizzicato, the transmitter could help make use of higher frequency signals more feasible in the future, which is a challenge with current analog parts.

Variety reports on YouTube after a decade: Industry publication Variety ran a review of the current state of affairs at YouTube. The video giant has been facing more competition from video-focused streaming platforms and social networks, both in terms of securing content creators and ad dollars.

Adweek on streaming finances: Adweek also got in on the industry trend review bandwagon with a look at the royalty rates and ad money going in and out of streaming services. The article focuses mostly on the perspectives of performers and songwriters, a group that has remained fiercely divided about whether streaming’s impact on the music business has been good or bad.

Anna Washenko