Pureplay of the Day: Abducted 1 Radio

Abducted 1 RadioSometimes in this life, you just need to get the party started. If there’s nary a DJ in sight to drop the beats for you, then try Abducted 1 Radio. This pureplay station is focused on popular dance tunes and remixes of the top 40 charts.

During our session, we heard club versions of songs by Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Pitbull, and Justin Timberlake. David Guetta and Calvin Harris also came through the rotation. Despite the focus on dance music, the host still put together some more chill moments across the song selections. The website includes a playlist of the past half-dozen songs, a feature we always appreciate for context of what a station’s all about.

Abducted 1 Radio is a good choice for listening where you want to simply press play and lean back. Our one concern was that few of the songs gave credit to the DJ responsible for creating the mix, so discovery for EDM superfans is not the forte here. But when you want to supercharge your workout or give a nightclub feel to your New Year’s Eve party, this a great fit.

Anna Washenko