Print media is getting in on the podcast trend with Esquire, the New Yorker

PRX Esquire podcast canvasPodcasts are gaining more and more traction among both listeners and content creators. We’ve recently seen two major print publications exploring their podcast options for building an audience with audio.

First, the New Yorker announced a partnership with WNYC, New York’s public radio organization. That arrangement adds to the magazine’s existing podcast suite. Publisher and CRO Lisa Hughes told Adweek that the availability of a pre-installed podcast app on the iPhone 6 and the sudden popularity of Serial have made podcasting a hot topic right now. “Our editorial teams are working together on the programming, which will be loosely inspired by the magazine and the brand and cover the range of topics that we cover at The New Yorker,” she said. “Our business side is working closely with their business team to sell sponsorships, and we’ve done that very successfully.”

Second, the venerable PRX has partnered with Esquire for a pilot podcast series that dives into the magazine’s back catalog. Each of the three episodes will focus on iconic stories written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Norah Ephron, and Tom Junod. David Brancaccio will host the series, which launched in time with the 1,000th issue of the magazine. “With the launch of Esquire Classic, the complete digital archive of the magazine, we’ve been working to make the past not just present but urgent,” Editor-in-Chief David Granger said. “PRX is the best partner we could have in this venture.”

Anna Washenko