Podtrac top 20 shows: 5 non-repeats after two years

Podtrac has released its Top Podcasts Ranker for September. Below, RAIN’s analysis of changes to this list over two years, and compare it to last month’s same analysis. It is a measure of freshness vs. sameness in podcast listening as measured by Podtrac’s ranker. (Podtrac measures its clients only; some podcasts and publishers which might rank on a Top 20 list are not shown.)

In last month’s ranker for August, we observed four shows which did not appear in the August 2021 edition of the list. (See RAIN’s August report HERE. Four non-repeats over two years seemed to indicate a staleness in podcast listener discovery.

In the just-released September ranking, variety battled sameness and delivered five new shows in the two-year comparison. It’s still a “nothing succeeds like success” story, but slightly more fresh.

The graphic below shows both lists, highlighting the five podcasts in each year which are not repeated.


And here is Podtrac’s original ranker, which includes ranking change and each podcast’s publisher:


Brad Hill