Latino podcast listeners control $2.8-trillion purchasing power and podcast ads motivate them

In its most recent Latino Podcast Listener Report from Edison Research, this segment of podcast listenership is portrayed as racing into podcast engagement, and highly receptive to advertising.

Thirty-eight percent of U.S. Latinos (18+) are podcast listeners in 2023, compared to 25% in 2020 — a 52% increase during those three years. And not only is the demographic segment bulking up, Edison’s survey of 2,500+ U.S. Hispanic/Latino adults in August shows that the group is effectively engaged by podcast ads. Further, the group’s profile makes a desirable target for advertising generally.

Some key facts that emerged from Edison’s research, which was presented in a webinar today:

  • U.S. Latino weekly podcast listeners are highly engaged with podcast ads: 49% of U.S. Latino weekly podcast listeners age 18+ have ever purchased a product as a result of hearing an ad on a podcast.
  • Forty-nine percent of Latino weekly podcast listeners say they are more likely to purchase a product they heard advertised on a podcast compared to other places they hear ads.
  • Fifty percent of U.S. Latino weekly podcast listeners agree that their opinion of a company is more positive when they hear it mentioned on a podcast they regularly listen to.

As a national group, Latinos wield impressive purchasing power. Edison puts a number on that: $2.8-trillion, and dramatically computes that overall purchasing budget as greater than the GDP of the UK or India.

Latinos listeners are responsive to podcast ads, in a couple of important ways. First, they apply research to the ads they hear in various ways:


Further, the group expresses strong intent to act on advertisements, and the survey breaks down several types of purchase:


Latinos who listen to podcasts are distinguished from the general Latino population in ways that favor advertisers: They are 25% more likely than the general US Latino population to earn an annual income of $75k+. Along that line, they are more likely to be employed, and to own a business. In the most engaged group — weekly listeners — 20% pay for a podcast subscription.

The Latino Podcast Listener Report was commissioned by LWC Studios, Latina to Latina podcast, Libsyn, Latino Media Network,
and SXM Media.

Brad Hill