Podtrac shares ranking of top podcasts from December 2016

Podtrac has posted its ranking of the top podcast programs from December 2016. The list includes several familiar titles, with This American Life, RadioLab, TED Radio Hour, Freakonomics Radio, and Stuff You Should Know filling out the top five. The entire top seven slots are unchanged from Podtrac’s November accounting. Two new shows have already broken into the top 20 list. NPR’s How I Built This placed at No. 16 and Crimetown, which launched in Gimlet Media’s fall lineup, ranked No. 18.

Most of the included shows use Podtrac’s measurement tools, which is how it calculates placements. For the two shows that are not from the Podtrac ecosystem, placement is determined based on feeding publicly available data into Podtrac’s algorithms.

The new ranking complements the publisher ranking Podtrac posted for the same month. NPR spent yet another month at the top spot, followed by WNYC Studios, This American Life/Serial, HowStuffWorks, and Radiotopia.

Podtrac podcast list December 2016

Anna Washenko