Podtrac coronavirus tracking: Flat week; April was down; News is up; Sunday lags

Podtrac is continuing to share weekly updates of U.S. podcast listening, both in downloads and audience, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (You can see everything HERE.) Its latest data is for the week of May 4 – May 10. Here is the download chart:

Looking at Podtrac’s Top 10 Publishers by month, April shows a slight dip in downloads, but still a gain over January:

Looking at downloads in the top five categories is always interesting in these weekly reports. Below, we can see that News is clearly still the main winner, while sports has picked up in the last few weeks. The Society & Culture category of podcasts has fallen off the table from January.

Podtrac also tells us that weekly downloads since the first week of January are up 25% and weekly audience is up 9% through the week ending May 10, 2020 across all Podtrac measured podcasts.

Finally — what’s up (or down) with listening on Sundays? Look at this:

Brad Hill