Forget drive-in movies. Denmark has drive-in live/radio concerts

While Zoom is servicing new virtual gathering applications every day, and at least one live concert promoter is selling highly distanced seats in a brick-and-mortar concert venue, here is something new from Europe. A quickly-built drive-in concert venue in Denmark sold out 500 tickets to entertainment-starved music-lovers in minutes. A picture of this can be seen in this Forbes article.

The audience was instructed to tune car radio to a livestream of the concert (hopefully with zero latency) while enjoying the performance fromĀ  within the vehicle. (A new definition of connected car?) Attendees were not permitted to step outside of their vehicles. The performer was Mads Langer, a Danish singer-songwriter.

The stage was converted to a drive-in movie outlet the next day.

Footage of the concert is HERE.

Brad Hill