Podchaser launches API for podcast app developers

“Build a podcast app that users can’t put down.” That’s the pitch at podcast database and discovery service Podchaser, for the company’s newly launched API (Application Programming Interface). APIs are typically used by programmers to allow front-end users to search for targeted results in a dataset. In thisĀ  case, the dataset is every podcast and episode ever produced. (“We never miss an episode,” Podchaser brags.)

By addressing podcast app builders, Podchaser is targeting a narrow market of apps servicing people who don’t use Spotify or Apple for podcast listening and discovery. Apps in that niche can differentiate by offering a specialty experience for discriminating podcast audiences. Podchaser’s new tool offers much more than basic podcast search and discovery (which is table stakes in the podcast app biz): show/episode ratings and reviews, searchable hosts, creators, and guests, curated playlists, topical searches and “similar and related” queries, and much more. (Details HERE.)

Pricing is not revealed. But there is a free tier based on a points” system. The free API use allows a certain amount of searching across selected data fields.


Brad Hill