Podcast is a lean-in, attention-holding medium for advertisers (Canadian Podcast Listener)

In a “sneak peek” at the 2020 edition of the Canadian Podcast Listener research report, listening to podcasts is revealed to be an intensely attentive activity compared to social media, listening to music, and watching short videos. Listening to podcasts takes roughly the same level of concentration as checking news and watching shows.

The Canadian Podcast Listener project is a joint venture of Signal Hill Insights, TPX, and Ulster Media — all Canadian companies. [Download HERE]

Although podcast advertising success metrics are not part of this preview, the report does obliquely mention value to marketers in a key takeaway: “Podcasting provides an attentive lean-in audience to advertisers.” The rationale for advertiser benefit is that if listeners are concentrating more in a podcast than in some other media categories, ad recall, and perhaps consumer actions attributed to podcast advertising, might be better than in competing media. In other words, a focused listener is a desirable advertising target.

In an interesting graphic, today’s release (see below) illustrates that along with attentiveness comes a desire to acquire information and learn new things. That combination, what might be called a concentration profile, makes an especially strong case for podcast advertising compared to other media.

The “sneak peek” report was fielded on September 24-25, asnd represents the results of a five-minute online interview administered to 3,033 Canadian respondents 18 years and older. Download is free, HERE.


Brad Hill