Pandora takes inspiration from holiday travel for Sound On brand narrative

Pandora has unveiled a new promotional campaign centered on holiday travel. The multi-channel Sound On brand narrative positions Pandora as connecting listeners with the music and audio they love, especially centered on cultural moments. The campaign kicks off by tapping into the shared feelings around holiday travel and finding the right audio to accompany those little victories and major stresses.

The Sound On campaign was created and executed by Pandora’s in-house creative team. It will be featured in high-traffic travel hubs such as airports, buses and railroad stations in major cities including Atlanta, Miami, Nashville, New York City, Oakland, and San Francisco. The promotion will run from November 2018 through January 2019.

“Music and sound have the power to make every situation better, deeper and more meaningful. Every life experience can be instantly transformed when you add your own soundtrack,” Pandora Chief Marketing Officer Aimée Lapic said. “At Pandora, it’s part of our core mission to meet our listeners where they are and to deliver effortless, personalized audio experiences tuned in to their exact moment.”

Anna Washenko