Pandora releases holiday listening metrics (while promoting Christmas stations)

In a press release this morning that serves as an advertisement for its holiday music stations, Pandora revealed some Christmas-season listening statistics.

We’ve been tracking the early rollout of Christmas music on terrestrial, subscription, and pureplay platforms, noting that there seems to be significant demand for holiday music in early November. Commenters in iHeartMusic’s Christmas stations jubilantly greeted their appearance a couple of weeks ago.

According to Pandora, users search for holiday music with the service search function as early as October. In mid-November, according to the press release, 10 percent of Pandora listeners are listening to holiday stations.

There are regional listening data. Vermont and New Hampshire are the most musically celebrative states, with 40 percent of users tuned into Christmas music on Christmas day last year. During last year’s entire season, over 25-million Pandora users streamed 187-million hours of holiday music.

The most popular (thumbed-up) Christmas song in Pandora last year? “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Brad Hill