Pandora One considering a one-day pass for $1

Pandora cube canvas 160wPandora is experimenting with plans to launch a different approach to accessing its subscription tier. This potential one-day pass would grant access to the paid Pandora One service, which offers ad-free listening, more song skips, and higher audio quality for $4.99 a month. Twenty-four hours with the paid service is projected to cost 99 cents, although the price is not yet definite. Sources also said that a three-day pass is being considered as an option.

This is an interesting way to tease registered users on the benefit of the paid level of listening. We’re curious whether one-day passes are an effort to find a new revenue stream or are meant to be a springboard for listeners to upgrade more permanently to Pandora One.

Pandora hosted an Investor Day last week where execs discussed some other potential changes to the online radio service. CFO Mike Herring said there was interest in adding new features to Pandora, but stopped short of saying anything about adding an on-demand listening model.

Anna Washenko