Pandora first-moves into Google Glass

pandora glass 01

Market-leading online radio brand Pandora has put its service into Google Glass, adding to its reputation as an assertive distributor in outside-the-home environments.

The “Glassware” app was developed during a Pandora hackathon — a 72-hour intensive sessions of creative coding designed to create off-the-map products and enhancements to Pandora’s core service. The Glass app won an internal “best of” award, and the company proposed it to Google, which put it into Glass.

Google Glass is a mini-computer that clamps onto the face like glasses. Along with smartwatches, Glass is a pioneer in wearable technology. pandora is already available in the Pebble smartwatch.

The Pandora Glass app reportedly responds to voice commands and finger swipes along the device, for calling up stations and moving from track to track. It is available now in the Explorer edition of Google Glass.

Brad Hill