Omny Studio debuts video pre-roll ads for podcasts

Audio publishing platform Omny Studio announced an option for video pre-roll ads in web-based listening. The new feature is the result of a collaboration with Macquarie Media. It offers a new revenue stream option for podcasters, who are usually limited to audio ad inventory on their shows. The video ads can be enabled as skippable or non-skippable pre-roll, and work with embedded podcast players on desktop and mobile platforms.

“We’re excited to add this monetization channel, for podcasting to engage audiences when they’re on a desktop or mobile website where around 30% of podcast listening happens today.” Omny CEO Sharon Taylor said. “We’re committed to finding new ways to help publishers monetize their content whilst ensuring they remain in control of how and when.”

“The Omny team has helped us to take advantage of the high amount of traffic we see heading to our websites and podcasts day in, day out.” said Richard Palmer, head of digital for Macquarie Media. “And by integrating with our existing Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) system, we’ve been able to get started quickly and seamlessly to achieve exceptional results for our advertisers using the platform.”

Anna Washenko