Ofcom 2016 report finds growth for digital radio, DAB in the UK


Chart reviews Q3 2015-Q3-2016, disregard slide title.

Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, has released the 2016 edition of its digital radio report. Digital radio was responsible for 45.5% of total listening hours in Q3 2016. In some local areas, it has surpassed half of listening time.

DAB is the most popular way to access digital radio. Ownership of the sets hit 57% among UK adults, up 3.3% since 2015. DAB secured a 70.3% share of digital listening in Q3 2016. The Internet was responsible for 17.8% of digital listening in that period and televisions had 11.9%. Out of total listening hours, DAB holds a 32.3% share, followed by 8% for Internet and 5.2% for digital televisions.

ofcom-2016-report-carsDigital radio is also making progress with adoption in vehicles. In the report survey, 43% of drivers and passengers said they’d travelled in a vehicle with a digital radio. That rate is up 13 percentage points since last year. DAB technology now comes as standard in 85% of new cars in the UK.

The report also covered radio ownership in UK homes. Fifty-eight percent of adults listened to a radio set at home most weeks. The kitchen is the most common place for keeping a set at 55%. Lounge areas had 39% and adults’ bedrooms had 35%; the remaining home locations each had a less than 10% share.

Anna Washenko