NPR shares latest audience data for broadcast, podcasts, and digital

NPR reaches an audience of at least 99 million people every month across all its platforms, both broadcast and digital. The cross-platform estimate is based on the monthly broadcast cume, visitors to, and podcast users.

Nielsen found that all programming across NPR stations reached an all-time high of 37.7 million total weekly listeners. Over a quarter of Millennial and Generation X (28%) are listening to NPR member stations at least once a month. In those age groups of 25-54 year-olds, 16% listen at least once a week and 6% listen at least once a day.

The monthly audience for NPR podcasts reached 15.5 million unique users. The podcast programming saw 82 million downloads. The digital audience for was 37 million users per month on average.

“This stellar accomplishment is a measure of just how much America depends on NPR every day, from breaking news to investigative reporting to podcasting to music and cultural programs that celebrate the human experience,” NPR President and CEO Jarl Mohn said.

Anna Washenko