Streaming boosts Latin music to big H1 2017 revenue results

The RIAA released new data about the Latin music market, which supports the overall trends laid out in the organization’s half-year report. Revenue from Latin music in the first six months of 2017 totaled $115 million, up 44% from the year prior. That gives Latin music a 2.9% share of the total U.S. music market.

Streaming was responsible for 82% of the genre’s total revenue at $94 million. In H1 2016, streaming revenue was $60 million. Paid subscription revenue for streaming reached $40 million, up 74% from the year-ago period. Ad-supported on-demand streams provided $20 million in revenue, up 34% from H1 2016.

Permanent downloads contributed a 9% share of total revenue and physical formats were responsible for a 6% share.

Latin music has always had a devoted following, but the genre saw a surge in mainstream visibility this year thanks to breakout hit Despacito. The song took the crown as the most-streamed of all time in July and the music video has billions of views on YouTube.

Anna Washenko