Nine new shows enter Triton’s Australian Podcast Ranker

In an encouraging sign of variety, nine podcasts debuted on Triton Digital’s Australian Podcast Ranker in August. The most impressive jump into the list is Australian True Crime, a Bravecasting show on the Acast platform that enjoys 265,000 listeners and 1.1-million monthly downloads.

Stability governs the top 10 in this ranker: They are the same shows as in the previous report, with a bit of positional shuffling. The first, second, and third slots remain unchanged:

Hamish & Andy (LiSTNR SCA)

Casefile True Crime (ARN / iHeart)

Mamamia Out Loud (Mamamia)

LiSTNR is by far the most prolific publisher in the August ranker, representing 59 of the 100 shows. ARN / iHeart reps 32 shows.

Below, the top 20 Australian podcasts in Triton’s August ranker. The entire interactive version is HERE; the static list is HERE.

Brad Hill