Nielsen infographic shows radio’s steady audience share

nielsen new 640wNielsen is always a good source for snapshots of the latest consumer trends. The group’s latest release is an infographic of total audience figures for different media outlets in an average month. AM/FM radio has a healthy monthly audience of 263 million, the second-largest group behind television at 287 million (which includes both live and DVR or time-shifted viewing). Mobile devices continued to secure large audience numbers. 191 million use an app or web on their smartphones, while 151 million specifically watch video on their phones.

Streaming audio is a notable absence from this infographic. UPDATE: Nielsen has updated the information; the above graphic shows terrestrial webcasting.

Given the growing numbers of listeners and paying subscribers for the top streaming platforms, that context would offer a more complete picture of how well audio stacks up against the dominance of television.

Anna Washenko


  1. What happened to this article from yesterday, September 1: www(dot)rainnews(dot)com/infographic-depicts-subscription-versus-ad-supported-revenue

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