New Spotify redesign will separate Music and Podcast libraries for Premium

Spotify is officially updating its user interface for to create a clearer divide between music and podcasts. The new layout for Your Library will be rolled out to all Premium users. The change seems limited to the mobile experience, but Spotify did not specify the platforms that would receive this altered version or whether the desktop versions would see similar updates in the future. The company also has not commented on if or when its freemium tier will receive the same new layout.

With this design, the Your Library section will be broken into two tabs. One is for Music, and it will include all of a user’s playlists, as well as their saved artists and albums. Under the Podcasts tab, listeners can track episodes, downloads, and shows. Episodes will prioritize the shows you’re already listening to, bubbling them to the top of the section, followed by the newest epsidoes for all of a user’s followed shows.

The design is focused on swiping left and right for navigation within the two main sections rather than tapping. It also de-emphasizes video content. Even though Spotify had released several original programming projects for video in past years, the company has been putting more of its resources into podcasting, and the redesign seems to highlight that shift in strategy.

Anna Washenko