New podcast distributor puts focus on local listeners

Satchel logo canvasMuch of the podcasting boom has been at the national and global levels, but a new service is looking to carve out a niche for local listening to grow. Satchel is a podcast distribution platform that aims to make connections between show producers and local audiences easier.

“The way things are done now, you can create a podcast focused on your local community, but if it’s distributed through existing international channels, it can be hard for you to find that local audience,” founder Beau York said.

The Knight Foundation’s Prototype Fund recently awarded York $35,000 to develop the platform. He plans to put the money toward making a system where podcasts can be searched by GPS and locations services on a person’s mobile device.

Satchel is an ad-free platform, but listeners can opt to leave a gratuity for shows they enjoy. It is available as an Android app and an iOS version is in beta.

Anna Washenko