New MIDiA/LyricFind report delves into lyrics interest and international streaming stats

MIDia Research compiled a consumer survey for LyricFind. The analysis covers two distinct topics. First is some statistics about the streaming music markets in the Germany, the UK, and the U.S. Second is how those markets and the users of different services think about lyrics features. The entire report is available as a free download, but here are some key takeaways:

  • Streaming is gaining ground on radio, with 43% and 63% of consumers, respectively. The results show that 15% of surveyed consumers are paying music subscribers.
  • YouTube was the most commonly used platform, with 26% of the weekly active users of streaming music apps. Spotify came next with 20%, followed by Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music each with 12%.
  • In Germany, Spotify’s share is 19% and Amazon Prime Music’s is just behind at 18%.
  • In the UK, Spotify and YouTube drew even with 23% shares; it’s the largest of the surveyed markets for Spotify and the smallest for YouTube.
  • Across the participants, 88% of streaming music subscribers look for lyrics. The longer a listener has been a subscriber, the more likely they are to use lyrics features.
  • Just over half (56%) of subscribers said they want to see lyrics in time with the song playing.

“If playlists were the streaming battle ground for 2017, added value features such as lyrics and video could become similarly important in 2018,“ the report concludes.

Anna Washenko