New hints of Apple Music’s video plans

In November, we reported on rumors that Apple Music may have had plans in the works to beef up the role of video in its burgeoning streaming service. With exclusive music videos from Drake and Kenny Chesney, the tech company may have been testing the waters to see what artist and fan reactions would be to the service getting more visual.

Recently, more of the pieces are starting to fall into place, creating a picture of what Apple may have as its immediate vision for video. News broke that Apple actually financed the creation of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” which debuted as an exclusive and became a major viral sensation. The company also put funding toward Taylor Swift’s concert video, which is still an Apple-only experience. And most recently, it announced the creation of a biographical TV series about Dr. Dre, the rap icon turned Beats business owner turned Apple employee.

The point of all this content appears to be simply generating more interest in Apple Music. Or, as an insider told Re/code, “to extend Apple Music.” Video, at this stage in Apple’s content creation life, is just a promotion tool. Given the combined cultural cache of the artistic talent it has tapped, if Apple plays its cards right, it could at least be a very successful promotion tool.

Anna Washenko

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