Former Univision execs team up for Spanish podcast network

Revolver Podcasts canvasFormer Univision exec Jack Hobbs is returning to media with the launch of Revolver Podcasts. The podcast network will offer bilingual on-demand audio aimed at a multicultural audience. It has 30 shows on the roster so far and will be making them available on iTunes, Stitcher, and (soon) Google Play. It will also have original audio novellas, serialized audio programming, livestreamed music festivals, and branded content initiatives.

Revolver is the result of joint efforts by Hobbs and fellow former Univision leaders Jeff Hinson and Javier Saralegui. Their combined media experience and connections have enabled the nascent ad network to grow its programming lineup quickly

“Our consumers have the ability to listen to the type of programming they want with only four advertising breaks per show, which means more enjoyment, more content and more knowledge gained from their experience,” Hobbs said. “And for our advertisers, we offer them the opportunity to reach a highly targeted market and highly savvy consumer who is interested in, and wants their products and services.”

Anna Washenko