Napster teams with Super Hi-Fi to offer brands AI-driven music experiences

Napster has entered a partnership with Super Hi-Fi, an artificial intelligence company that offers tools to improve audio transitions and customization. The parties will collaborate to provide businesses with personalized music listening experiences. The Powered by Napster tech platform will power the experiences, while Super Hi-Fi will contribute its AI expertise, which can source, produce, manage, deliver, and connect audio content into a seamless real-time stream.

“Napster serves many brands across various industries and we’re always looking for ways to super serve our customers with custom solutions,” said Bill Patrizio, president and CEO of Napster parent company Rhapsody International. “Super Hi-Fi’s compelling audio stitching technology enables us to do that in a whole new way, and we’re excited to engage our mutual partners with our combined value propositions.”

“The streaming music market has become largely undifferentiated across music selection, pricing, features and access,” Super Hi-Fi CEO Zack Zalon said. “We’re melding Napster’s back-end music and audio platform with Super Hi-Fi’s seamless front-end integration. The result is a service that allows digital music service providers and music-driven consumer brands to create highly compelling, personalized audio products with authentic and ownable voices that were previously unattainable.”

Anna Washenko

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