Deezer launches app for Facebook’s Portal TV

Streaming audio service Deezer announced that it has partnered with Facebook’s Portal TV platform. Last fall, the social media company introduced a dedicated video calling device, and now has expanded its hardware efforts to include this smart TV, which also has Amazon Alexa voice controls as well as audio streaming. Deezer’s app can be downloaded to Portal TV devices now, and versions for the Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal+ will be made available in early 2020.

“A smart device that is also part of the biggest social network in the world changes the game,” Deezer Chief Product and Growth Officer Stefan Tweraser said. “You can enjoy music and shows with your family without having to be on your phone. Our library of 56 million tracks is there for you with just a few simple commands. It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking, having a night in or getting ready for a party. Just enjoy your time and let us bring the entertainment.”

Anna Washenko