MusicWatch: Music is major on social media, from song sharing to artist influencers


MusicWatch has shared a new study exploring the relationship between social media and music. According to the survey’s results, 9 out of 10 regular social media users on the most popular apps have some form of activity related to music or artists. The most common activities on social are simply following a band or performer, but the networks can provide additional context and engagement around music. A third of respondents (34%) view official music videos on social media, while 30% discovered an artist or song through a social connection and 29% said they shared songs, albums, or playlists from a streaming service to a social channel.

The results showed that music artists or bands top the type of celebrities or public figures people follow, securing a 57% share. Music was also the top category for social media influencers followed with 41%. MusicWatch found a few common trends among the people following musicians on social media. Many trend young, with 36% between the ages of 13 and 24. They’re also active in seeking out and consuming music. Three-quarters watch music videos, 69% listen to music on AM/FM radio, and 35% pay for a music streaming subscription.

“The data show that social media derives substantial benefit from the music industry,” wrote Russ Crupnik of MusicWatch in the blog post sharing the results. “The music itself is a vital ingredient to the social conversation. The content stays fresh with constant new releases and tour announcements. Artists make a cultural contribution and are valued influencers. The sustained desire for news about favorite artists engenders engagement on the platforms.“

See the full infographic of the study results here.

Anna Washenko