and Better Help highlight Magellan AI podcast advertiser report

Podcast advertising intelligence company Magellan AI has released its monthly report — actually a dual report of top advertisers for August, and top “movers and shakers” for the month.

Movers and shakers are 15 advertisers which increased their podcast ad-buying investment the most, month-over-month from July-August. The top advertisers are simply the biggest spenders.

There is no duplication in these two lists for August, interestingly. The advertiser which increased its buy the most from July is (going from $42,000 to $969,000 to advertise its work collaboration and management software). The overall top advertiser is Better Help, which spent $3,974,000 promoting its online therapy service during these stressful times. If you haven’t heard a Better Help podcast ad, you might not be listening to enough podcasts.

At the bottom of the top advertisers list is HBO, which spent $1,036,000 during August.

Other big names appearing among the movers and shakers are Apple, Walmart, Microsoft, and Heineken.

HERE is the movers and shakers list, and HERE is the top 15 advertisers  list.

Brad Hill