audioBoom launches new podcast with billboard/TV promo campaign


audioBoom has announced the launch of an addition to its Audioboom Originals Network: a true crime show called Dead Man Talking. Additionally, the company is rolling our an expanded marketing program for the show intended to attract new audiences to the program and podcasting generally.

Dead Man Talking is produced by Peter Sale and hosted by British journalist Alex Hannaford, and investigates the confessions of Angel Resendiz, an infamous serial killer known as The Railroad Killer. Some of the confessions were recorded while Resendiz was on death row. There is some question about the validity of the confessions, and that uncertainty propels the podcast’s investigation.

The show debuts October 2.

Of particular interest on the business side, audioBoom is putting billboards and TV commercials in its marketing plan. The billboards will be located in Texas, a location featured in the podcast. TV ads will appear on Top 30 and Dish Nation, as well as the podcasts of those programs. Ads will be heard in other podcasts as well.

“The billboards and TV spots indicate a more expansive attempt to engage people who might be new to podcasts,” an audioBoom spokesperson told RAIN.


Brad Hill