Mixcloud using Gracenote MusicID to help with royalty payments

Mixcloud announced that it will use Gracenote for music recognition. Applying Gracenote MusicID will help Mixcloud to make accurate royalty payments to rights holders on mixes and DJ sets. After Gracenote’s technology identifies a song, Mixcloud adds it to its database of artist, label and publisher rights holders.

“We’re living in a world where user generated content is growing exponentially, but most traditional catalogue streaming services are not focusing on this enormous area,” Mixcloud Co-Founder and Director of Content Nico Perez said. “At Mixcloud, we’ve invested a lot of energy in the technology around user generated content to properly identify and pay the creators what they’re owed, and we’re thrilled to add Gracenote as a new partner to help solve this difficult problem.”

“Mixcloud has emerged as the destination for both established and emerging radio presenters and DJs to present their shows and mixes to fans around the world,” said Brian Hamilton, Gracenote’s general manager of music and auto. “Being a platform that focuses on helping curators breakout and find new audiences, Mixcloud recognizes the importance of being able to connect royalty payments to the proper rights holders and we are confident that Gracenote MusicID can help them address this important issue.”

Anna Washenko

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  1. A great place to start would making playlists MANDATORY for all their users. So MANY artists are getting ripped off by Mixcloud it’s ridiculous

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