Mixcloud and Merlin enter multiyear licensing deal

Streaming platform Mixcloud has signed a multiyear direct licensing network with Merlin Network, an independent label group and music rights agency. The deal will ensure that recording artists represented by Merlin will receive royalties when their music is played on the Mixcloud streaming service and on its upcoming subscription service.

“Mixcloud has been built from the ground up by and for a passionate community of creators,” Mixcloud Co-Founder Nico Perez. “Signing this direct licensing deal with Merlin is particularly exciting for us, as the independent label ethos that the Merlin network represents so closely reflect our own values. It makes a lot of sense for us to solidify this relationship with the independent sector, so that we can work toward building a sustainable ecosystem for audio culture.”

“Merlin’s independent label members already contribute to a significant and growing part of Mixcloud’s programming,” Charles Caldas, CEO of Merlin, said. “With a long-term partnership in place we look forward to expanding this relationship, fuelling new innovation, and ensuring our members’ extensive repertoire is reaching the widest possible global audience.”

Anna Washenko