Milestone: Half of U.S. adults use online radio monthly

infinite dial 2015 53 percent online radio

Edison Research announced a consumer survey milestone: Over half (53%) of U.S. adults (12+) listened to online radio in the past month.

Edison has been surveying Internet behavior since 1998, and this question has shows a pretty steady march upward since 2000. In the most recent Infinite Dial survey, conducted early this year, 53% percent of 12-or-older Americans reported listening to some kind of online radio in the past month. Sources include terrestrial station webcasts, online radio like Pandora, and other services like Spotify. The percentage translates to an estimated 143-million people.

This Infinite Dial data point is a pre-release in anticipation of the full research presentation on March 4. The Infinite Dial is co-produced by Edison Research and Triton Digital. (Registration link here.)


Brad Hill