Megaphone co-founder Andy Bowers exits company

Andy Bowers, co-founder of Megaphone, has departed the company. The business was initially launched by Panoply in January 2016 as a podcasting content management system with services in monetization and distribution. In March 2019, Panoply Media rebranded under the Megaphone name.

Bowers was a key figure in not just the launch of Megaphone, but also in Slate’s other audio initiatives. He worked to launch both Slate Podcasts and Pinna.

“Megaphone, the company I co-founded 5 years ago, is thriving,” Bowers said in a post announcing his exit. “My work here is done, and I’m eager for the next challenge.”

The former NPR veteran said that he has relocated from New York to California, and may be shifting away from podcasts with his next steps. “I had so much fun in the early days of podcasting—when the stakes were low and failure helped us learn, when things were not so formulaic and we were making up the rules as we went along—that I’m moving on to other nascent media.” His LinkedIn now presents Bowers’ role as a producer for Santa Barbara Soundworks.

Anna Washenko