Kollekt.fm joins the ranks of agnostic playlisting services

Kollekt.fm logo canvasKollekt.fm is designed as a curation system, giving people a platform to share their favorite music from across different online sources. So far it can pull tracks from Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube for playlists. Integration with Spotify and other platforms is still in the works.

Listeners can browse the playlists made by others, searching by artist, genre, or mood. Like with most online services, you can then favorite a track you find or add it to a playlist of your own. Kollekt.fm seems designed to be more social, not just with the Facebook connection, but also with the ability to comment on tracks. You can also share tracks to your Facebook or Twitter account. It’s also worth noting that it’s based in the Netherlands, and a large number of its users are speaking Dutch.

We’ve recently seen a wave of music services promising platform-agnostic listening, and as more competitors enter this field, it should be interesting to see which ones manage to secure enough interest to survive and which either fizzle or fold into the more popular platforms.

Anna Washenko