Kickstarter brings in new director of music

Kickstarter announced that Meredith Graves is joining the crowdfunding platform as its new director of music. Graves was most recently at MTV News, and she has experience as a writer, musician, and label founder.

More than 27,000 music-related projects have been funded on Kickstarter since it launched, making it the biggest category on the platform.

“That which is not appropriately supported, historically, falls,” Graves said in a note marking her entrance into the company. “Structures both concrete and theoretical rely on institutional backing as a form of loaned power. A band, a social initiative, an ideology, a house: not one can get off the ground without a strong foundation. One person’s success does not mean your failure — but this being true doesn’t make it fair that ten or fifteen major label artists receive a disproportionate amount of the money and resources available to the industry.”

Anna Washenko