Key legal exec Chris Harrison departs Pandora

Chris Harrison PandoraChris Harrison has left his position as senior lawyer and vice president of business affairs at Pandora. He was a key player in several of Pandora’s recent moves, including its purchase of a terrestrial radio station. He also served as an expert witness in this spring’s consent decree hearings and additional proceedings on music royalties in pre-1972 copyright cases.

“Chris has been a valued team member, and we appreciate his many important contributions,” Pandora said about Harrison’s departure. “We have a very strong team in place, and are confident our music licensing activities won’t skip a beat as we move ahead.”

Those music licensing activities include the long-awaited ruling on consent decrees. Pandora is also being targeted with a pre-1972 copyright royalty suit by Flo & Eddie and it recently announced plans to appeal the negative decision it received in requesting a lower royalty rate from BMI.

Anna Washenko