This Is My Jam to end active use, enter into archive mode

This Is My Jam canvasThe team behind This Is My Jam announced yesterday that the service would cease operating in its current state. The company was based on giving its members a chance to share their favorite song of the moment with their friends, creating a playlist of their musical preferences. The leaders said that past jams would be put into a read-only archive mode in September, meaning they can still be listened to but not added to. Members will also have several options for preserving and exporting their song choice lists, according to the announcement.

“It feels like we’ve explored This Is My Jam’s original mission best we could,” founders Matthew Ogle and Hannah Donovan wrote. “We’re ready to free up our evenings and weekends for new ideas and projects.”

The duo has actually not been operating This Is My Jam as a main job for months. Ogle moved to Spotify at the beginning of 2015 and Donovan works at music patronage service Drip, so it’s not too much of a surprise that they’re ready to wind down the project.

Anna Washenko