Jay Walkerden’s Podshape launches two new podcasts

Jay Walkerdon, the ex-Nova podcast executive in Australia, has announced the acquisition of two podcasts for his recently formed Podshape company.

The first is a new podcast Good Yarns, a storytelling show with the tagine: “Stories and Banter. No knitting.” It features what the show notes call “Unreal stories from real people every week.” It’s hosted by Shad Wicka, the former Hit Network host.

The second show is an established podcast called Am I a Bad Mum? which has produced over 1,500 episodes. It’s hosted by KatieMattin and RachelThaiday, who produce a new 10-minute (more or less) episode every couple of days.

“Both of these titles further enhance our offering which is telling great Australian stories that can help shape peoples lives,” says Walkerden. “These two titles remind us in a very serious world sometimes we have to sit back and smile and both podcasts start with that in mind.”

Podshape currently lists five other podcasts on its website. The network’s tagline is “Shaping the world through stories” and Walkerden’s title is Head Shaper. He left Nova, where he was General Manager and Head of Podcasting, in February.

Brad Hill