James Cridland’s Weekly Links: New DAB Radio Multiplex – The Ins and Outs

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The big news this week in the UK was the award of the second commercial national digital multiplex. The UK regulator awarded it to Sound Digital’s bid; I’d have much rather it went for Listen2Digital, the opposing bid. Listeners are set to gain, though – a bunch more speech-based radio stations, and a new radio station called Virgin Radio. UK consumer website Radiowise is less than impressed, since they’ll all be in mono. Bauer, part owners of the bid, are set to gain; unlike the stations put forward by their partners UTV, Bauer will save, I calculate, £1.8m every year with this win.

Fascinating, too, to note the poor internal press that DAB has within the UK radio industry. Just reading these comments in Facebook highlights what a long way we have to go. I keep banging on that Digital Radio UK needs to do a PR job internally in the industry about DAB (and the same needs to happen in other countries). If you can’t convince the industry, you’ve no chance convincing the public.

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  • The tale of two public service broadcasting countries – 244 jobs to go at CBC Radio-Canada in latest round of job cuts (en Français); meanwhile in Singaporeit’s getting a whole bunch more money.
  • One of the local coffee shops has internet radio on in it, and I was listening to unbranded Radionomy station. “Just heard two ad-breaks with identical four ads in identical order. Digital folk don’t get radio.”, I tweeted, in a grump.

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