James Cridland’s Weekly Links: FM in mobile phones, BBC Radio 1 TV ad, BBC bakeries

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Hello from London, which has all of a sudden turned very warm. (They say the British speak about nothing else but the weather, but that’s because we have some). Warmer still in Las Vegas, where the big NAB Show is on. Good luck to my many friends who are there, but very pleased to have escaped going this year, just this once. Last year I tried listening to the radio while in Vegas, but discovered something much better.

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  • Nice to hear a promo for a new “community correspondent” on 612 ABC Brisbane a nice collection on their website
  • In this Richie Benaud piece are some great “tips for commentating“, worth a read. (via Kate Fogarty)
  • boombox.fm – interesting new online service that sends you free, new, music. (I’ve no idea where this is based. Let’s guess Australia. It probably isn’t.)

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