James Cridland’s Weekly Links: A study in contrasts

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Last week I was in Malaysia for the Asian Media Summit. It’s certainly a conference of contrasts. In Nepal, 50% of people who listen to the radio do so to fulfil a simple need: to know what time it is. (They’re farmers and workers.) Radio’s tremendously popular in many places, and also weirdly unpopular in some: in South Korea, only 14% of people listen to the radio every day, for example (in Germany that figure’s 79%).


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  • Norway: Randomly fell upon this really well-written intro to NRK, Norway’s “gigantic small broadcaster”.
  • India: Radio Mirchi (alone) has 41m listeners. Big numbers. #ams2015
  • Ghana: The Power Bank Phone in Accra. Fixes tiddly batteries and not enough SIM slots. Oh, and has an FM radio inside.


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