James Cridland’s Future of Radio: Twitter launches a ‘live podcasting’ service – or, as we know it, radio

James Cridland, the radio futurologist, is a conference speaker, writer and consultant. He runs the media information website media.info and helps organise the yearly Next Radio conference. He also publishes podnews.net, a daily briefing on podcasting and on-demand, and writes a weekly international radio trends newsletter, at james.crid.land.

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  • Periscope Audio – Twitter launches, essentially, live radio, and anyone can have a go. Nice. Amusingly, I’ve seen this being described as “live podcasting” by some tech sites, which rather proves the point about how they view radio.
  • Your guests are an opportunity for audience growth – this is written for podcasters, but just as relevant for radio too
  • 25 Years of Internet Radio: Part 1 – fun article, with the first streaming of Virgin Radio in there from Gavin Starks. In the very best tradition – it started on a computer on his desk with an FM radio plugged in.
  • Canada: When life gives you Parkinson’s – “I shake: but I can’t shake this.” Larry Gifford has a new podcast.

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