Italy adds two new operators for DAB+

Italy flag canvasAn Italian industry organization has created two new network operators to encourage the spread of DAB+ in the nation. The two operators from Aeranti-Corallo are Toscana DAB and Radio Digitale Toscana. Each of the operators collected 12 local radio broadcasters and will request the right to use available frequencies to broadcast their members’ programming with DAB+ technology in the region.

“With the establishment of these two companies, Aeranti-Corallo continues to ensure that local stations are also players in the new digital landscape,” said Marco Rossignoli, Aeranti-Corallo coordinator. “It is also important, however, that this digital development receives adequate support from the state and region.”

Compared with Norway, the UK, and Switzerland, DAB and DAB+ adoption has been slower in Italy. However, it is a market that is demonstrating increased interest in digital tools for music. In 2014, streaming service revenue increased 83%; it rose a further 22% in the first half of 2015 alone.

Anna Washenko