Ipsos Digital Audio Survey measures podcast listening in Italy: Younger listeners; more ad recall

Ipsos has released survey results from a study fielded in June, taking stock of podcast consumption in Italy. The work is supported by DigitalMDE, an Italian audio tech and podcast solutions company. (See the infographic below.)

Data collected in 2020 confirm that podcasts attract younger people (52% under 35), students (19%), and also people with higher education (22% graduates) and high-level professional status (10%).

The smartphone is increasingly the main listening device (78% listen to podcasts through smartphones), and smart speakers increased their share of listeners (15%).

Podcasts are most frequently listened to at home (80%) and in multitasking (77%), but, compared to 2019, data show an increasing share of listeners who only focus on podcasts without engaging in other activities. The study report notes that more focused attention tends to result in more receptivity to messages, both editorial and advertising.



Brad Hill