InternetFM customizes online radio streaming app with new features

InternetFM, the venerable streaming radio app, has issued an update to its Android and iOS versions, providing smart new customization options that add an on-demand feeling to the app experience.

The app features dozens of streaming radio stations, including the enduring and ever-popular Radio Paradise. The new features for managing listening sessions are these:

  • Create a list of favorite artists and receive in-app notifications and direct links to stations that are playing them (note: users must register to access this function)  
  • Offer more detailed and personalized feedback than just a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on song preferences (users can reference six different data points and text their comments to station owners) 
  • Assign any of the 44 available stations to the 18 pre-set buttons that allow you to easily switch from one to another, while selecting from nine color themes

We especially like the notifications of artists playing on one of the stations. Sending feedback to station owners is win-win also.

Android users can start the customization in the Account Setting section.


Brad Hill