FieldCast partners with Blue microphones to co-evangelize corporate podcasting and gear

We’ve noted FieldCast as a company which evangelizes and enables corporate podcasting — enterprise audio produced by executive leaders to communicate with company staff. Now comes a note that FieldCast has partnered with Blue, the venerable microphone maker whose cost-effective Yeti USB desktop mic is much used by podcasters bootstrapping new shows.

The idea is to get Blue microphones into the podcasting rooms of companies using FieldCast’s enterprise podcast production platform, while promoting FieldCast solutions to existing Blue customers.

“It’s a win for both companies to highlight FieldCast’s private and secure corporate podcast platform to business consumers who appreciate Blue’s amazing microphone technology,” said FieldCast founder Gary Reynolds.

FieldCast is pushing its solution as particularly apt for this continuing Covid environment in which remote and hybrid work environments are prevalent. Also, as the press release notes, “internal podcasts are particularly useful to communicate with millennial workers, who prefer audio platforms to emails and appreciate the mobility podcasts provide.”

FieldCast is based in Milwaukee.


Brad Hill